It’s been almost a week and it seems to me that we already are one-month rolling Europe.
I have to say that so far everything is going smoothly, better than expected.
Let us to explain you how is going, what route we are doing and how many kilometers until now.


Departure from the Dom Utrecht:

En bici de Utrecht a Alemania

The Dom is the most emblematic building of Utrecht, and the tallest tower in the Netherlands. From here also started the Tour of France 2015. So we couldn´t chose better.

Some family came home at 7.30 in the morning to help us to put the luggage in the car.

Other friends came to say goodbye directly to the Dom and to make us the pictures of this moment.

It was only 8 am and we had the Dom and the city center just for us. We were laughing, joking, big hugs and from said goodbye to everyone.




138 Kms


107 Kms


120 Kms

Sankt Goar

135 Kms


115 Kms

Schwabisch Hall

110 Kms




On the first day we were in Germany (Issum). A small village in the German countryside. We booked a small apartment through Airbnb and I did not expect such a beautiful and well decorated accommodation.

En bici de Holanda a Alemania

The owner makes figures of art with wood and it showed throughout their home decor. They had a well-kept garden and I think I did the best nap in a hammock from all this past year.

The next day we headed Bornheim. A Sunday of sun and heat as was the previous Saturday. On the way, I decided to stop in Dusseldorf and was a great idea. The city center was quiet and I could easily and free parking !!

I recommend visiting a city for a weekend, especially if you live in the Netherlands, is fairly close by car or by train.

En bici de Holanda a Alemania

When I arrived in the afternoon to Bornheim, Evert was there!

The owners greeted us as if we knew before. Very friendly and close, we feel at home quickly.
They found funny to see that we were a couple of different nationalities, but especially our trip:

By bike to Greece?!?   whaaaat!!

After drinking something with them, we still had forces to visit Bonn by train.

So after more than 100 kilometers of bike for Evert and car for me; plus day in Dusseldorf and Bonn, that night we slept like little angels in this apartment that we recommend if ever you pass by Bornheim.

Monday and was raining that day we went to Sankt Goar. We had no idea what we would find here, what we do know is that it was a small town on the banks of the Rhine River.

This day was more complicated, goodbye to good weather. There were many heavy rains, and if driving on the highway was risky, I could not imagine how it was for Evert and his “fiets”.

We began to make out the first hills to get to Sankt Goar. When you get beautiful views from the mountains and you find the huge river and castles around, nice.

En bici de Holanda a Alemania

Here we had time to visit the Castle Rheinfels and see how the river had risen after the rains. Apparently, it was long since happened. We stayed in a little hotel overlooking the river and we could take a few pictures.

The next day we moved to Eppelheim. A residential area near Heidelberg.

Evert had problems with the route and had to make a few kilometers more to return to take the right path. This delayed the arrival an hour. But still we went to visit Heidelberg. 

En bici de Holanda a Alemania

We loved this city, the atmosphere, and finally we found life after little German towns :-))

Here you can not miss visiting Heidelberg Castle, one of the largest and oldest in Germany, its stunning views of the city and the bridge across the Neckar River.

The next day was getting to Schwabisch Hall. We had great difficulty finding accommodation. All busy, we also try through Zimmer Frei, but no luck.

At the end he had to pay the most expensive accommodation so far. The camping in this weather was not an option yet.

So that we made us very curious what we would find in Schwabisch Hall, this unpronounceable name for me, I decided to renamed by “Wasabi,” yes yes, that Japanese green sauce, but there was no way for me he he…

En bici de Holanda a Alemania

And now we are writing you from Donauwörth, a small town, but important in the area through because of the Danube.

Now we going  to Munich, where we expect some friends and we take a break, and finally do more social life. :-)))

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