Slovenia is one of those countries which never hear anything in the news, so we had just not idea what we would find.

Since 2004 it is within the European Union and since 2007 its official currency changeover to the euro. This country was part of the former Yugoslavia, but become independent in 1991, after a war, fortunately, during 10 days.

At that time, it was the most prosperous and advanced area of Yugoslavia and they were which less “suffering” had in the cruel and incredible Balkan war.

I confirm that really is a modern, safe, quiet country, and according to my impression, with a middle class very well located.

We went from Austria to Slovenia almost without realizing it, but the first differences were slowly noticing.

The mountains, although still quite impressive, they were more rounded and smaller.

However, we continued with that intense feeling of green and nature.

Another detail that always I had since Austria, was to see the clouds in so low level, with the sense that I could touch them with my hands at any time.


Pesenthein – Bohinjska Bistrica

118,9 Kms

Bohinjska Bistrica – Ljubljana

77,3 Kms

Ljubljana – Matulji (kroatië)

110 Kms

Total Kms   306,2

The three stages together were 1.466,2 Kms.

We continued with unstable weather, if one day the sun was shining the other was grey and showers. We still had no feeling of summer, and from Germany there was still that quiet atmosphere.

Evert, still going on well with his bike, I thought that at some point in the route would have a letdown, but I was wrong, he was even not complaining.

The day after arriving at Bled, he returned to take the bike to cycle a mountain path with stunning views over the Lake Bohinj.


Eslovenia en bicicleta

Until to reach Bled the landscape still had an Austrian style with the typical houses, rivers and mountains.

We stayed just outside this small town, in Bohinjsca Bistrisca, to be closer to the Bohinj National Park, and still not be far from Bled. But once there, it was not the best option.

As I said, Bled it’s a charming little town, and our accommodation was in this kind of small villages very limited with not much life. In the end, we had almost half an our to go to Bled with curves road.

So if you ever go, we advise you to do the opposite of us: to stay in the same Bled and from here to visit the National Park Bohinj and the beautiful waterfall Savica.


Eslovenia en bicicleta

The roads were still good, but here we started to deal with another way to drive. Much more aggressive and at full speed.

We had to get use to a new country, goodbye to have extra spaces besides the lanes on the roads. Cars and heavy trucks too much fast for us.

The owners of the house where we were staying warned us that we might have careful due to police controls about the speed.

It looks was a subject in which they were paying more attention.

It was clear, we were going to the South!

Eslovenia en bicicleta


In Bled, we visited this small island in the middle of the lake, where there is only one Church. You get there through these typical gondolas.

In the little island there is only one bar and a small church, you have to pay if you want to enter, apart the price of 14 eur for the gondola.

From my point of view, for this price is not worth much to go there, but if you find it nice, go for it of course!


From here we continue to the capital, Ljubljana.

Wonderful, we loved it. Completely pedestrian, clean, a student city, romantic, modern and posh :-)

This year is the European Green City, and it is well deserved.

Eslovenia en bicicleta

In the center there are small electric cars in which you can get in and drop off at another center point, and for free!

The Liublanica river crosses the entire city center and all its side is full of restaurants and many bars for a good cocktail.

In the tourist office they have three very interesting tours, with different combinations to choose for the same price of 10 eur.

We took a guided city tour and we really liked, we were a small group apart of us: a couple from Germany and a guy from Canada.

The tour took us 2 hours and we finished exhausted, but it was well worth.

And finally, a romantic dinner ;-)

There, it was the first warm day, we already felt like to go to beach and to cross to Croatia, however, the arrival there was not as expected …


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