Finally we crossed to to Greece very excited!

Each time less to reach Athens, the countdown started.

At the border, as every time we crossed a new country, we took our selfie, something that had become typical of our trip and one of the funniest moments.


Route arrival to Greece until Athens:

Camping Kalami Beach (Igoumenitsa) – Mytikas

101 Kms

Mytikas – Ástaco

90 Kms

Astakos – Kato Rodini

101 Kms

Kato Rodini – Korinthos

110 Kms

Korinthos – Athene!!

96 Kms

Total 498 Kms   

Together all 7 stages:  3.768 Kms by bike.

It was noon and still doing the same sweltering heat that we had in Albania. From the border we continued each one separately, decided to meet again in the next town about 20 kilometers, there we would eat something and talk of where to sleep that night.

For the first time we had no accommodation booked, we preferred a little adventure and try to find an idyllic site ;-)



7 etapa grecia en bicicleta hasta Atenas


It was easy and quick to get to Igoumenitsa, a city with a wide road where I could make the typical Greek restaurant to eat gyros he he

Here I stopped to wait for Evert, who incredibly, not took long to arrive considering coming by bike. Of course, we ate the good gyros and a Greek salad.

Mmmmmm what lekker !!


After lunch we continued the trip, and we had to find where we stay overnight at least two nights in a row.

Passing Igoumenitsa we took the coast road. Me first, I was looking forward to arrive to somewhere to take a rest for the next days. After about 30 Kms I saw an indication: “Camping Kalima”.

– And why not a camping this time? – I thought-

I stopped immediately in the driveway, leaving the car where the same indication was as a signal to Evert that I would be around there.

I walked down a path that would take me … to paradise!

After talking with the family that ran the camping site and see where we could put the tent, I ran up to the car, sweltering, but very enthusiastic.

Evert just arrived at that moment and my first phrase:

We stay here! (niet polderen)  :-)))


7 etapa Grecia en bicicleta hasta Atenas


We had never slept between trees so close to the sea. That crystal clear and calm water. The heat did not matter in this place.

For the first time we stayed in the same place, not two nights but three, and still I wanted to stay longer.

During these days we enjoyed the free time. Put the new tent we bought for the first time, swimming, eating, reading and getting a little up with the blog.



7 etapa Grecia en bicicleta hasta Atenas

It was a simple but very cozy camping, you had everything that was needed for a basic life in a natural environment of luxury. A pareo, bath suit and a parasol.

However, he had to continue. And we wanted to get to Athens and there were still many kilometers to run.

From here, we continue going through coastal towns and seeing real Greece. A dry and austere landscape of brown tones that matched the blue of the sea.


During the day the villages had nothing special. They were desert due to heat. We saw many abandoned dogs and uncollected containers full of garbage, abandoned and ruined buildings just to collapse.

However, we were surprised to see how in the evenings these same villages became so welcoming sites.

The darkness hid the containers and the ruined buildings. People came out of their homes to enjoy those hot nights and bars that were closed during the day became in modern clubs with colorful cocktails.


7 etapa grecia en bicicleta hasta Atenas


We were lucky to find accommodation where we felt very comfortable and with a swimming pool.

The roads around Patras were not in a good conditions because of the construction of a giant highway, as the local people told us, it was like this since 6 years ago. There was a lot of truck traffic.

This mess accompanied us the rest of the journey until to get in Athens.

So next post, arriving in Athens, including gifts for the champion!


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