The day before the arrival in Athens and end point of this day cycling tour, we stayed just outside Korinthos, in a simple and quiet hotel where the owner greeted us very kindly.

That day we were exclaiming several times with excitement and enthusiasm:


Also feeling a little bit of pitty, a project which we had to do many changes, decisions and efforts seemed to come to an end.

On the other hand, we were happy to continue from now on the two together in the car, well three, bike included.

Now will be the moment where our holidays would start!

This day I had to leave everything ready for the next day. I searched the hotel in Athens and review where would be our meeting point: the Mirador Mount Lycabettus.

That night I slept nothing thinking whether we would meet in the point, if it would be a crowded, whether to drive to Lycabettus or take a taxi, if I would be able to drive in the chaotic city…

Later, imagining the scene of arrival, I realized:

 Hey, should I buy some goodies arrival !!

 But, what I buy ?!

And where?!

The morning came and the hotel owner, who already knew of our project, made us some pictures together … and with his kitten :-)

 And Evert departed towards Athens!!


Llegada a Atenas en bicicleta
Salida del hotel día de llegada a Atenas

It took me 2 hours to reach the city. The multi-lane entrance was full of cars, vans and old black smoke from the exhaust pipes.

Luckily, my years of driving in a city like Barcelona now served me to manage driving in Athens.

The hotel was pretty good, a big city building, where above was the swimming pool overlooking the entire city, it was quite impressive.

The views and the swimming pool compensated the small room and, the worse, the NOISE !!


Llegada a Atenas en bicicleta
Vistas del hotel de Atenas

As soon as I left things in the room, I went down to reception to get some explainations and to get a city map, then, I went to look for goodies he he

Right in front of the hotel there was a Carrefour, what a coincidence! Here I bought a little bottle of champagne.

On the way out I asked where I could find a florist and I was informed that just that day there was the street market. Ok, perfect!

After several indications from very kind greek people and crossing the street market, I found florist shop.

The last man I asked offered to accompany me to translate for the English into Greek, as the lady in the shop did not speak english.

All very friendly, and a very funny scene picking flowers, colors,

and speaking different languages,

just we get a beautiful bouquet.



I was sweating like a pig, but how much I was enjoying !

On the way back to the hotel I stopped at a store looking for “something” although I did not know what, until I saw it on the shelf, that bicycle-bank!

Arrival to Athens by bike
Bike as a medal


Yes, I know it looks very child, but there was no time to choose! Time was running and still a lot to do!

I ran to the hotel to arrange everything that I needed to carry with me.

Because the weather was so hot, we decided to meet at sunset time, although Evert looked was coming sooner than expected.

Me already in the car, TomTom guiding me to Lycabettus Hill, not far from the hotel, but, Oh my God!! again those horrible hills up in narrow streets brrrrrr, suffering until the last moment!

Llegada a Atenas en bicicleta
Cadeautjes for the champion!


20 minutes later I was in a little mountain, I decided to turn right,

driving at 10kms per hour,

and there, what a great image,

the Acropolis in the distance.

Much more beautiful place than I was expecting, also because there was nobody there!

Parked right there and began to set the stage: tripod, camera, lenses, photos, video … and wait. As is professional journalist :-)))

Llegada a Atenas en bicicleta
Mirador Lycabettus / Pointview Lycabettus

 Half an hour later:

 Holaaaaaaaaa !!! – I heard far away behind the mountain-

 Seconds later, Evert appeared, smiling, radiant, happy.

I started to jump, to scream, aishhh what nervous!!

He, staying calm and under control, as if he had not done anything important to celebrate.

 Again, the evidence of our cultural differences and ways of reacting to events! :-)))

 Something always hard for me to understand :-P

After a few minutes of hugs, kisses and laughs, we breath, drying the sweating, under a burning sun…

 I started to give the presents to him, all day waiting for this moment:

 Bouquet of flowers

champagne bottle

Medal bicycle

Nothing to envy to the Tour de France!

Llegada a Atenas en bicicleta


We spent all the afternoon and evening savoring the moment. Photos here. Photos there. Waiting for the sunset over the Acropolis.

And in this way, our route by bike from Utrecht to Athens came to the end, with an incredible satisfaction very difficult to explain in a post.

Llegada a Atenas en bicicleta
Atardecer desde el Lycabettus / Sunset from Lycabettus

From here, the route would continue for a month and a half going back to Holland, but a little bit more different, together in the car and some bike tours in between very interesting.

 We will continue with much more!

 Feeling Travelling


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  1. bravo evert y rosa. felicidades por llegar a Athene!Viagais cn mucho gusto y me gusta leer. Omdat mijn spaans niet zo best is, ga ik even zo verder. Heel veel plezier met de terugtocht. gezellig om nu samen met de auto te toeren. Het is erg leuk om de blog van rosa te lezen en zo met spaans te oefenen en natuurlijk meteen te weten waar jullie zijn! krijg meteen zin om ook weer een lange fietstocht te maken. Groetjes van Anita

    • Hola Anita!
      Nice to hear from you and that you like it!
      You have also the english version if you click in the enlish flag, but very brave you can follow it in spaans.
      We zijn al in holland, heel gezellig als we kunnen een afspraak maken!
      See you soon!

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