Hello! I am Rosa, I was born in the beautiful city of Barcelona and from some years ago I live in another smaller, but even so, more beautiful city called: Utrecht in the Netherlands.

I love to travel, discover new places, photography and all related to design.

Travelling offers me all these things and, as soon as I can, I organize a quick trip wherever I can, or even to Barcelona to discover it again as a tourist.


“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.”    – Anais Nin

And why did I come to The Netherlands ?


The most of the people think I came to Holland for love, but I do not, I came for work and for myself. I really wanted to live in another country and ended up here by chance. I am Business Controller and I have been always working in Finance.

I had never been before in this country and it has been a wonderful experience. New friends, new scenarios and a new language …

After three years, when I had in mind to make a change of country, Evert appeared in my life, so my stay in Holland has been longer, giving me the opportunity to discover more of the Dutch culture.

Over a year ago I created another blog: Lekkerholanda.com with lots of information for the Spanish-speaker community who lives or wants to come to this country.

In this way I have discovered the Blogger world and WordPress web design. This is my hobby, where I can develop my creativity, both writing and designing.

Having a blog is a great visual way to keep in touch with many friends and family in the distance.

Many asked me about our travels or where to go on a trip to Barcelona, so I created Feeling Travelling to go transmitting all our passions and thoughts of our trips.


“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous  


Hello, and I’m Evert! Bus and tram driver, but when I have a few days off I like to escape to nature.

I like sports in general, but specifically running, hiking, bike, mountain routes, especially among glaciers.

A few years ago a girl from Barcelona crossed my path, so I have learned another way to travel and to know my own country, visiting museums, discovering new foods and meeting people from different countries living in the Netherlands.

When I have the chance, I love to travel only with my bike and a small backpack, and run away to Malaga, Italy or Austria as I did in the past.

Rosa puts her hands to her head and says I’m crazy, but I say that this is not so exceptional in Holland.

And because I miss it, my next challenge will be cycling from Utrecht to Athens. Let’s see what Rosa thinks about the idea  :-)

Here you can read more of our plan by bike



Despite how different we are, we do very good team.

“Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions.” — Peter Hoeg 

This blog represents our lifestyle and a meeting point with people from different nationalities. So the language of most of the posts will be in English and Spanish.

We are going to try to write it as well as possible using a simple and clear language, but as it is not our mother tongue for any of us, we ask a little understanding if you find some misspelling.


Welcome to Feeling Travelling!




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