If one day you come to Austria you can not miss to climb the Viewpoint of Kitzsteinhorn, also called Platform Gipfelwelt 3000.

It is 3029m above sea level and the views are breathtaking. But not only this, it is all around itself, which has a cafe-restaurant, a cinema, a museum and some incredible platforms on which you feel the world is yours.

subir al kitzsteinhorn gipfelwelt 3000

It is situated in the towns of Zell am See and Kaprun. Two Austrian typical beautiful villages in which easily perceived what kind of nice atmosphere probably is in the ski season. It has to be wonderful see it in winter, all snowed.

Sunday and Monday were days of bike and drive, until to take a break and to make it to coincide with our anniversary: ohhhh 5 years together! And this today is a miracle ;-)

We had to celebrate it!

subir al kitzsteinhorn gipfelwelt 3000

The route bike to reach Greece had brought us to this wonderful place. I had never been in Austria, and although Evert had done other bike tours in this country, he had not been in this part.

We have settled on the outskirts of Zell am See, a town with one of those lakes with clean and clear water coming down from the glaciers.

It is very easy to drive up to the Kitzsteinhorn cableway. When you see the inclination, you are already expecting something big on the other side of the top of mountain.

subida al kitzsteinhorn gipfelwelt 3000

The route consists of several cable cars in sections, so you can choose to stay on the ski station or to continue to the viewpoint.

I’m not a skiing person, so I enjoyed a lot changing cableways three times until the top. Especially one that can be open, with my feet dangling, cold but bearable air, the sound of the mountain, birds and goats.

Subida al kitzsteinhorn gipfelwelt 3000

Once up, you come to a multi-storey building, but with a design well integrated into the landscape.

The museum is not a typical museum, is a passageway that crosses the entire mountain side to side, about 10-15 minutes walk from frost and wet rock where you can read information about the area.

And the best comes at the end when you find the two outstanding platforms with transparent glass, very impressive, then we are sure you your are going to exclame:

Ohhhhh my God, hoooow nice !!

It has been an amazing, different and very special day.

So if you want ideas to surprise your partner,

or for yourself because you’re worth it,

here you have a very good one.

subir al kitzsteinhorn gipfelwelt 3000

To consider:

– If you want to climb to the viewpoint, you have to buy the full ticket that costs 40 eur per person and includes entrance to the museum, guided tour and all facilities.

– At 10.30 h and 13h there is a guided tour in which they explain how the building was constructed, etc.

– In summer, and if weather conditions are good, from the same viewpoint you can climb up on your own the last piece of mountain remaining to reach the highest peak.

– Although makes 25 degrees in the ticket office down, do not underestimate the weather changes very fast up in the mountains. Bring warm clothes and waterproofs. When we got up we were about 5 degrees. In the hallway of the museum that crosses the mountain it is at room temperature and it was quite cold.

– You can visit throughout the year, even now in June there were people skiing. Not being holiday time, there were no queues at all, you could have all the funiculars and lifts for yourself ;-)

May you have a good stay at Kitzsteinhorn.



subir al kitzsteinhorn gipfelwelt 3000


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