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After climbing the Col de Turini, I thought that it was only rolling down in the direction of Menton and the Mediterranean Sea. A fine idea, I honestly do crave.

But unfortunately, after I had ignored a sign on Col de Turini that indicated the word BARRÉ and after I was rolling about 13 kilometers down, I came to the point that I realized that the sign was not there for nothing, a landslide .. :-(



bike from holland to italy


I conclude, therefore, that I had to cycle back up again 13 kilometers , and I started to get a bit tired. I tried to arrange a ride on a terrace. I managed that from the only, but a bit drunken customers on the terrace. After they had me, swinging and singing, brought me up, I thanked them and bought them a beer and we said goodbye.

Stories of travelers :-)




Bike from holland to italy


Pisa and Florence, I did not stay long. I found it too touristic and busy. Plenty to see and Florence is a beautiful city, but I prefer to cycle through nature, then I had to stand in line for some painting.

After Florence I cycled over the Apennines, the Po Valley and Lake Garda  to Menaggio, where I stayed in a family hotel Menaggio! A quiet village on Lake Como, where you can relax after a beautiful day of cycling, partly on the trail of ” La Corsa Delle Foglie Morte “(The Tour of Lombardy).


bike from holland to italy


After Menaggio I went, passing Bellinzona and the Gotthard Pass, to  Altdorf Switserland where I stayed for three nights.

From there I made two trips. One day to the Oberalppass and the Sustenpass and the other to the Klausen Pass.

bike from holland to italy


On arrival at the Klausen Pass it started to rain, soon after I had made a picture, i had to role down in the rain.

How cold i was! Because you almost do not need to pedal, I had completely stiffened muscles and knees and I can recommend everybody to bring something warm on these trips and not to be to much minimal with that, especially not in the mountains.




After four and half weeks of cycling i took the train back from Altdorf to Zurich and from Zurich the City Night Liner to Utrecht.

I really enjoyed this trip and the mountains and I can recommend to everybody!!


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