The mountains and Monasteries of Meteora

It was one of the most beautiful places of the whole trip.

I discovered it by chance when I saw a photo of their monasteries on the summits of some spectacular mountains published in some article. And the image was recorded for me if I ever would go to Greece.

When months later we started thinking seriously in our trip and that the final destination in bike would be Greece, I already had clear that Meteora would be in our list.

In Athens, instead of staying three nights we shortened it to two. The noise, the pollution, the heat and the tiredness of the two of us, made us advance the exit to a quieter place, and Meteora was a success!

So in the morning, for the first time we had to dismantle the bicycle to fit it inside the car and all the stuff, which were not few things :-)


Meteora y sus 6 monasterios


Turning the bike into pieces was a little bit of pitty, it had become our little girl, well, for Evert more than for me he he. Bike up, bike down …

Then, with more weight in the car: Evert + bike, we all started together towards Meteora.

We were hoping for 4 hours of road to the north-inland of Greece without counting stops.

For the first time I was free to drive a long stage, I gladly delegated the car keys to him.

The planning of the arrival in Athens the previous days had left me kao and I spent the whole trip sleeping as if I had been the one who had cycled :-))

yes I know,

I don´t have too much strenght, surely you have thought Ehh!

We stopped in Trykala to eat something. We were surprised by the ambiance, a neat, modern town, lots of people, full bars and restaurants.

We continued the route, already wanted to arrive. We passed Kalambaka to head for our accommodation in the next small village, Kastraki, and already on the way we were surprised by the views ahead of us.

Wowwwww, what a landscape!


Meteora y sus 6 Monasterios


As soon as we get out of the car in front of our little hotel, we loved the feeling that this place gave to us.

It was a new and different landscape, there was a lot of green around, the local people told as that in winter snow, the village houses were beautiful. It was a good atmosphere and we felt that the small population had more quality of life than in other parts of Greece we had passed.


It is a collection of monasteries located in different points of a “forest” of high, rocky and steep mountains of a stone formed by sediments and natural effects during centuries.


Meteora y sus 6 Monasterios


The Monasteries are very close to each other, hidden and difficult to access in the past time to stay safe from wars, and on the other, a place of rest and silence for Orthodox religious.

There were 21 monasteries, but nowadays only 6 are operative and the rest are uninhabited and others in ruins.

We went with our car to see the sunset and the whole area of the Monasteries.

Spectacular views, a real gem!

This place invites you to stay in one of them for a little bit of silence and retirement.

Meteora y sus 6 Monasterios


Another day, we took a group tour with guide through the tour agency Visit Meteora that you can find in the center of Kastraki and Kalambaka.

They have different options and plans, we took the Hiking Tour, highly recommended.

The guide explained us very enthusiastic about this landscape, its specific nature, animals and history.

We were a small group, by the way, very funny: all Dutch except me and another American girl, but the two living in Holland as well ha ha


Meteora y sus 6 Monasterios


It was a tour of several hours walking through those impressive mountains until arriving at one of the biggest monasteries, that also we were able to visit inside.

It was very interesting and we had the opportunity to take these great pictures!

Meteora and its 6 monasteries


What do you think of Meteora?

If you go to any point in Greece, I really recommend that you book 3 days minimum for this lovely place.

Here are some interesting facts:

How to get to Meteora from Athens and accommodation

– By car it will take about 4 to 5 hours, highways and roads in good condition.

By train from the Larissis station in Athens to Kalambaka. The price of tickets between 20-30 eur. In this case, it is best that you stay in this same small town.

By Bus from Athens Terminal B to Meteora.

Hotels in Meteora.

 Feeling Travelling


Meteora y sus 6 Monasterios

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