Coming down from the mountain Hochtor at the Grossglockner Alpine road; vegetation, green and typical Austrian pines appears again.

The road is a wonder to be descended by bike or by car, it has a lot of curves and some parts are steep. But its not to difficult, although your brakes are not going to like it so much.

The first village you will see between trees from the heights will be Heiligenblut: a fairytale village in Austria.

Heiligenblut un pueblo de cuento en Austria

Located in one of the most beautiful areas of Austria in the Hohe Tauern National Park.

When you are descending, you stop for a moment on the sides to contemplate it calmly from above, and taste already the illusion that you are going to spend a couple of nights in such a bucolic site.

In the two days we stayed, the sun appeared only in a few moments, but still we did not care, in fact we would have liked to light a fireplace with firewood and sitting in front of the fire, as in an American film ;-)

But it could not be, it was not cold for that and we had no fireplace :P

Heiligenblut un pueblo de cuento en Austria

However, we ended up staying at this little hotel from a Dutch couple who three years ago also decided to follow their dreams moving to Austria to manage this hotel in the center of Heiligenblut.

We loved there hospitality and help, and the energy they were putting in their hotel.

Heiligenblut un pueblo de cuento en Austria

We got this downstairs bedroom with this beautiful entrance which had these views of the village, and to a Gothic style church so characteristic.

The river crosses the town, with very clear and clean mountain water.

These sounds river remind me of my childhood holidays in a village of Aragon in the middle of nowhere.

That one does not look anything to this village, but in which all the kids could swim and where we were enjoying so much!

The Church is the most visited of Austria, and now seeking for information on the official website of the people, the Church is called St. Vicent of Saragossa (Spanish city in Aragon) !!

Heiligenblut un pueblo de cuento en Austria

The center of Heiligenblut is small, has the just and essential and at the same time it has all enough to lead a very comfortable life in the middle of nature.

From the center you can take the cable cars to climb to the ski slopes in winter, but are also open in spring and summer to climb hiking the highest mountains in Austria.

Heiligenblut un pueblo de cuento en Austria


From here you can visit the Grossglockner Glacier, the path is not difficult to reach on foot from the ski lifts that leave you up.

We could not do because the weather was not so good, so we stayed by hiking around in beautiful and very easy paths, to reach the Gössnitz-Wasserfall waterfalls.

Heiligenblut un pueblo de cuento en Austria

Here is the link to the official website of the activities, if anyone is interested.

From the hotel where we were staying could walk perfectly, I found everything very comfortable.

Anyway, I think with the pictures you can get an idea, and we think we will come back!

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And here our video arrival:


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